What are the causes and effects of cannabis?

The effects of cannabis vary, the different strains consist of exquisite differences in the cannabinoid architecture and many patients and users develop inclination for certain strains. So, what are the causes and effects of cannabis, many ask?

Cannabis has effects both on the physical and mental state of mind. The physiological effects may include expanded heart rate, reddening of the eyes, dryness in the mouth, reduced pressure in the eyeball and muscle relaxation. download

The psychoactive cannabis effects are often adduced to as the ‘high’ which may start within a few seconds of taking the cannabis and typically lasts 2 to 3 hours. For many the effect of cannabis is a euphoric high that will include a relaxed sense of well being, pleasant changes in perception, enlarged appreciation of art, humour, nature, music, people and TV. Possible heightened libido and appetite are frequent side effects as is the removal of anxiety. For an experienced user, higher doses may allow adapted state of consciousness, enhanced distant memory recollections and even depersonalization typically allowing the user to think outside of their normal human self.

Cannabis use may affect the users scrutiny and reflexes, the responsible smoker may prefer not to drive while high. The effects of cannabis can be increased with alcohol use and many users avoid the consumption of both, and even some smokers avoid drinking at a whole.

Users may also note deterioration of short term memory and distortion in their perception of time while high. For users not familiar to some of these effects of cannabis there may be a sense of anxiety or paranoia especially if they have exceeded their optimum dose.

In 1989 a questionable medical finding disclosed that the human body has two different types of cannabinoid receptors. The cannabinoid receptors allow the cannabis blends to be easily and quickly absorbed by the body. Further research is ongoing and there may be more than 2 receptors present in humans brains. Many users with medical disorder find cannabis useful in everything from pain relief to the reclamation of appetite.


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