Feminized marijuana seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds have been one of the most important additions to the cannabis growing development in the last breed. Before feminized seeds, legitimate cannabis seeds were used which composed approximately 50% male and female plants. This implied that growers had to germinate and grow twice the desired number seedlings in order to reach a adequate number of mature females. With the appearance of feminized marijuana seeds, a grower simply plants the desired number of seeds and forgets about the disadvantage of male plants. Male plants not only waste space in a garden, they also risk lowering the finest sensimilla into seed pods. For most growers of recreational or medical marijuana the male plant is not needed for growers, if they are used it is to produce more seed’s for future grows. The recent development in home-grown cannabis has been made a lot easier with the arrival of feminized marijuana seeds. No more worrying about how to identify male plants.

Feminized cannabis seeds are grown in the same way as regular seeds. They can be grown indoors, in outdoors or greenhouses. They can be grown in organic soil or hydroponic systems. Feminized seeds offer more stable results than regular seeds, culminating in better potency for 60% of all mixtures. The definite process of cannabis seed ministration imageshas been a secret for many years. The principle is candid. Female plants can be stimulated to assemble pollen in such a way that the pollen is noticed as female pollen. The female pollen is used to pollinate a female plant which then starts generating seeds. The seeds generated by this method are feminized and they give rise only to female plants.

As an supplementary benefit the feminized marijuana seeds tend to give growth to more female plants than regular seed. For the experienced growers feminized seeds have abridged life. To the new grower, feminized cannabis seeds are the only way to go. Growing top quality strains of cannabis has never been as easy, just choose the strain, plant the seeds and establish abundant light and plentiful nutrients.


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