Using predators to secure your growing environment

A essential method that makes brilliant use of biology associates using predators such as praying mantises, ladybugs, or even spider mites. Their establishment of garden security is extensively known, and so it is conceivable to buy them commercially cultivated. The insect breeder should always be able to tell you how they can be used most adequately, which insects will always eat. This advice is useful once you know what type of insects to suppose given your environment. One insect you will likely see in all your upcoming experiences is Spider Mites  Be aware though, that buying insects will not work spidermiif your cannabis environment is small, which insects will decrease in chance of the fact that there may not be enough food to aid them.

Enormous predators can also be used as means to defend your cannabis garden. If you are planting nearby rivers or streams, it may also be a good idea to embolden lizards turtles, or frogs to intermittent the area by disappearing food there seldom. Birds can also be convinced to administer backing, perhaps by fleeing birdseed or even using a bird feeder.

But like most in this day and age growing indoors is an option for many. For any unwanted predators in your growing environment, lady bugs, and even reptiles can secure your environment from going down the drain. As a seasoned cannabis grower I’ve come across one predator the most which I’ve recently stated, spider mites. Those little demons are the worst and most aggravating to a grow I’ve come across. Spotting a spider mite is not something a novice would suspect, a spider mite is a tiny white dot which will start to appear on your marijuana plants leafs and inter-nodes. To avoid spider mites make sure you clean your growing environment at least once a week. Make sure your environment is clean and dust any cobb webs or any adittional cleaning. If you already have spider mites… well your out of luck! No I’m kidding, .


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