Ways To A Clean Growing Environment

Considering my last post was about predators among your grow room or environment, one fact I really wanted to touch base with all growers out there. It is of serious priority that your cannabis grow room is kept spotless. If this cannot be take controlled of you should stop growing marijuana promptly, because diseases can emerge instantly in a disheveled setting. These toxic components can destroy up your crops in a very short-lived duration and ruin the element of your harvest, making it meaningless for the production of medicinal cannabis. A good and clean grow environment will always influence the quality of your cannabis grow a great deal.

One important fact I would like to tell all growers is to always scope and inspect the area of any future or upcoming grows. Keep all pets and animals out of growing environments at all times to avoid any bugs, bacteria, etc from entering anywhere near your grow, it will cause problems trust me I’ve experienced it personally.

The grow room has to be decontaminated with bleaching handler before you put the marijuana plants in their area’s and this should be constantly repeated after each and every harvest. The bleaching handler kills bacteria, diseases and other microorganisms that could damage your garden. During the growing course all the decayed leaves and those that have turned yellow or dropped off should be removed. Cannabis that shows any indication of infestation instantly becomes impractical no one wants to smoke or consume infestation and it is very unhealthy for anyone’s body at all! When cleaning your growing environment always clean in the deepest areas of the grow environment. Clean the grow tent(I assume your growing in) and clean the pot, filters or any fans as dust buildup can start to produce rapidly at a substantial time for your grow. Clean your grow tent lights to avoid any bacteria or dust build up also, people start to become lazy at times which is really not a smart choice when your growing. In the outside of my tent I like to vacuum a lot and put any chemicals which are available almost anywhere you can possibly think of, in my carpet. When I use to grow in a disclosed area a couple years ago I had hardware floors so all I had to do was sweep.

Now I’m going to leave a instructional video for all you visual people:


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