Ways To A Clean Growing Environment

Considering my last post was about predators among your grow room or environment, one fact I really wanted to touch base with all growers out there. It is of serious priority that your cannabis grow room is kept spotless. If this cannot be take controlled of you should stop growing marijuana promptly, because diseases can emerge instantly in a disheveled setting. These toxic components can destroy up your crops in a very short-lived duration and ruin the element of your harvest, making it meaningless for the production of medicinal cannabis. A good and clean grow environment will always influence the quality of your cannabis grow a great deal.

One important fact I would like to tell all growers is to always scope and inspect the area of any future or upcoming grows. Keep all pets and animals out of growing environments at all times to avoid any bugs, bacteria, etc from entering anywhere near your grow, it will cause problems trust me I’ve experienced it personally.

The grow room has to be decontaminated with bleaching handler before you put the marijuana plants in their area’s and this should be constantly repeated after each and every harvest. The bleaching handler kills bacteria, diseases and other microorganisms that could damage your garden. During the growing course all the decayed leaves and those that have turned yellow or dropped off should be removed. Cannabis that shows any indication of infestation instantly becomes impractical no one wants to smoke or consume infestation and it is very unhealthy for anyone’s body at all! When cleaning your growing environment always clean in the deepest areas of the grow environment. Clean the grow tent(I assume your growing in) and clean the pot, filters or any fans as dust buildup can start to produce rapidly at a substantial time for your grow. Clean your grow tent lights to avoid any bacteria or dust build up also, people start to become lazy at times which is really not a smart choice when your growing. In the outside of my tent I like to vacuum a lot and put any chemicals which are available almost anywhere you can possibly think of, in my carpet. When I use to grow in a disclosed area a couple years ago I had hardware floors so all I had to do was sweep.

Now I’m going to leave a instructional video for all you visual people:


Using predators to secure your growing environment

A essential method that makes brilliant use of biology associates using predators such as praying mantises, ladybugs, or even spider mites. Their establishment of garden security is extensively known, and so it is conceivable to buy them commercially cultivated. The insect breeder should always be able to tell you how they can be used most adequately, which insects will always eat. This advice is useful once you know what type of insects to suppose given your environment. One insect you will likely see in all your upcoming experiences is Spider Mites  Be aware though, that buying insects will not work spidermiif your cannabis environment is small, which insects will decrease in chance of the fact that there may not be enough food to aid them.

Enormous predators can also be used as means to defend your cannabis garden. If you are planting nearby rivers or streams, it may also be a good idea to embolden lizards turtles, or frogs to intermittent the area by disappearing food there seldom. Birds can also be convinced to administer backing, perhaps by fleeing birdseed or even using a bird feeder.

But like most in this day and age growing indoors is an option for many. For any unwanted predators in your growing environment, lady bugs, and even reptiles can secure your environment from going down the drain. As a seasoned cannabis grower I’ve come across one predator the most which I’ve recently stated, spider mites. Those little demons are the worst and most aggravating to a grow I’ve come across. Spotting a spider mite is not something a novice would suspect, a spider mite is a tiny white dot which will start to appear on your marijuana plants leafs and inter-nodes. To avoid spider mites make sure you clean your growing environment at least once a week. Make sure your environment is clean and dust any cobb webs or any adittional cleaning. If you already have spider mites… well your out of luck! No I’m kidding, .

Feminized marijuana seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds have been one of the most important additions to the cannabis growing development in the last breed. Before feminized seeds, legitimate cannabis seeds were used which composed approximately 50% male and female plants. This implied that growers had to germinate and grow twice the desired number seedlings in order to reach a adequate number of mature females. With the appearance of feminized marijuana seeds, a grower simply plants the desired number of seeds and forgets about the disadvantage of male plants. Male plants not only waste space in a garden, they also risk lowering the finest sensimilla into seed pods. For most growers of recreational or medical marijuana the male plant is not needed for growers, if they are used it is to produce more seed’s for future grows. The recent development in home-grown cannabis has been made a lot easier with the arrival of feminized marijuana seeds. No more worrying about how to identify male plants.

Feminized cannabis seeds are grown in the same way as regular seeds. They can be grown indoors, in outdoors or greenhouses. They can be grown in organic soil or hydroponic systems. Feminized seeds offer more stable results than regular seeds, culminating in better potency for 60% of all mixtures. The definite process of cannabis seed ministration imageshas been a secret for many years. The principle is candid. Female plants can be stimulated to assemble pollen in such a way that the pollen is noticed as female pollen. The female pollen is used to pollinate a female plant which then starts generating seeds. The seeds generated by this method are feminized and they give rise only to female plants.

As an supplementary benefit the feminized marijuana seeds tend to give growth to more female plants than regular seed. For the experienced growers feminized seeds have abridged life. To the new grower, feminized cannabis seeds are the only way to go. Growing top quality strains of cannabis has never been as easy, just choose the strain, plant the seeds and establish abundant light and plentiful nutrients.

What are the causes and effects of cannabis?

The effects of cannabis vary, the different strains consist of exquisite differences in the cannabinoid architecture and many patients and users develop inclination for certain strains. So, what are the causes and effects of cannabis, many ask?

Cannabis has effects both on the physical and mental state of mind. The physiological effects may include expanded heart rate, reddening of the eyes, dryness in the mouth, reduced pressure in the eyeball and muscle relaxation. download

The psychoactive cannabis effects are often adduced to as the ‘high’ which may start within a few seconds of taking the cannabis and typically lasts 2 to 3 hours. For many the effect of cannabis is a euphoric high that will include a relaxed sense of well being, pleasant changes in perception, enlarged appreciation of art, humour, nature, music, people and TV. Possible heightened libido and appetite are frequent side effects as is the removal of anxiety. For an experienced user, higher doses may allow adapted state of consciousness, enhanced distant memory recollections and even depersonalization typically allowing the user to think outside of their normal human self.

Cannabis use may affect the users scrutiny and reflexes, the responsible smoker may prefer not to drive while high. The effects of cannabis can be increased with alcohol use and many users avoid the consumption of both, and even some smokers avoid drinking at a whole.

Users may also note deterioration of short term memory and distortion in their perception of time while high. For users not familiar to some of these effects of cannabis there may be a sense of anxiety or paranoia especially if they have exceeded their optimum dose.

In 1989 a questionable medical finding disclosed that the human body has two different types of cannabinoid receptors. The cannabinoid receptors allow the cannabis blends to be easily and quickly absorbed by the body. Further research is ongoing and there may be more than 2 receptors present in humans brains. Many users with medical disorder find cannabis useful in everything from pain relief to the reclamation of appetite.

Tents Grows

They may be distinct, come in the full array of sizes and shapes, are on the whole simple to run as well as minimize how many bugs and disorders your plants will probably grow tent lights be exposed to. They’re also an excellent space saving option for those who cannot dedicate a whole room for their horticultural exploits. At first you should discover tent that is of adequate quality grows. In this aspect you must be sure that the substances utilized in its building are nicely made, the inside needs to be highly reflective once the entire tent is upward, and it should be lightproof.


Lighting is a vital part of running a successful set up that is growing. Essentially the lighter it is possible to supply the better, although heat is also produced by lights, so the balance between both demanded. Lights’ range covers from High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide to LEDs and Compact Fluorescents. In addition to lights, you may also need to think about accessories for example ballasts and reflectors which help improve the efficacy of your lighting. Ventilating grows tents can also be essential if you’re planning to make a wholesome environment that is becoming. Most grow tents include ports and flaps for venting however; you might also wish to think about an option that powered as alluded to previously. Fans, when combined with filters, may be used to cleanse the atmosphere and eliminate any odors from your growing region and may be used to change the character.


Then you’ll need to ensure that grow when you want to grow plants in your garden. That’s not impossible when you water them and have added the very best land. But it is also possible to make them grow nicely, using the most recent technology. If you are intending to grow plants as part of your home or are dwelling in a cool place, then you’ll want these tents as part of your home. These tents tend not to occupy much space and will be set up to your home tents if you are living in an apartment. It is possible to determine the development of your plants because you’ll be able to command the space that you have your tents. You ensure they get the proper quantity of light and can water them. Some plants certainly will wither away and don’t need an excessive amount of sun. You’ll have seen that when you’ve put them in your home. You can take the standard course and just use fertilizer and land although for better results and more management; many growers decide to utilize hydroponics. Grow tents possess the capacity to revolutionize how plants grow and maximize the outputs that you create.